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Rocky Mountain National Park–Lost Falls

This was our first backpacking trip. Just my husband and I went. We got our backpacking permit for 1 night. We chose to go to Lost Falls, which was 7 miles (to the falls). I won’t pretend to be an expert on backpacking….we researched and asked people and figured out what gear to buy and how much weight we should carry. I list this trip as a recommendation for a pretty hike and a good one for first timers…well, at least I made it anyhow.

Backpacking in Rocky Mt. National Park does allow for some conveniences. We had a fire pit and a occassional toilet.

We learned how to put our packs with food up into the tree to keep safe from bears.

We also learned how to clean our water and we couldn’t be without some luxury!

It was an adventure…..we probably still prefer car camping….but hope to do this more once in awhile.

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